About the author

JanisJanis Walker was born in Louisiana and grew up in Oklahoma and Texas. As an Episcopalian, she served in hospital ministry, parish ministry, ecumenical prayer group ministry, and retreat ministry. She is a member of the ecumenical Order of St. Luke the Physician. In 1991, she received a Master's degree in Theology from St. Patrick's Seminary. She also studied at Fuller Theological Seminary and at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. Janis was received into the Roman Catholic Church in a Chrism Mass for Christian Unity on May 13, 1998, in Rossi Chapel at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Los Altos, California. She lives with her family in California, enjoys visiting a village in Vermont, and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean by the Jersey shore. Janis has a continuing interest in the ecclesial effects of the Oxford Movement and the legacy of Cardinal Newman.

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